Trailer Springs

Trailer Springs

When we purchased West Coast Trailer Parts & Accessories, we inherited some stock and we have a stack of these Trailer Springs. They are just old stock that we’d like to move quickly to make room for more new trailer parts and accessories. So, we have discounted them to attract your attention and get you to come and check out our Trailer Parts Warehouse. Come in and check out the Trailer Springs we have. Offer only valid for these Trailer Springs while our old stock lasts.


Springs for trailers

A. Eye to Eye length

B. Eye bolt to centre bolt

C. Centre bolt o rear eye

D. Camber

E. Shackle bolt diameter


trailer springsPart # 13085 = $99.00 / pair of Trailer Springs Only.

A = 715mm

B = 405mm

C = 405mm

D = 135mm

E = 14mm

6 leaf; 45mm wide; rated up to 1500kgs per axle/pair.

Trailer SpringsPart # (industrial springs) = $99.00 / set of 4 Trailer Springs only

A = 620/720mm

5 leaf; 45mm wide; rated up to 1500kgs per tandem axle (pair; or set of 4).


trailer parts and accessories

When you come in to check out our special on Trailer Springs, you will find a heap of other parts that we stock, ready for when you need it.

West Coast Trailer Parts

West Coast Trailer Parts and Accessories has been around for over 30 years, run by Harry Roberts. He is now handing on the reigns to Joe & the team who you can find ready and eager to help you find what you need

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