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Everything you think you need, we probably have 😊!
We stock the full range of Mister Hitches towbar accessories like Heavy Duty [Class 4 or Hitch style] Towbar Tongues to help you level your load, or replace that missing Towbar Tongue that you thought you had. We also have a huge range of towing accessories like Weight Distribution Systems, Special Purpose Hitches, Towing Mirrors and Sway Control Devices. You can find all that you need with us. If we don’t have it, we can find it for you!

Why would anyone need to find another towbar tongue? You’d be surprised! “Got stolen”, “old owner didn’t sell it with the vehicle”, “too high/low for my trailer/camper”, to name a few reasons. We also stock ‘treg hitch’ couplings, Pintle Hooks, Couple Mates, Jockey Wheels, Tyre Pressure gauges and so much more.

weight distribution hitch kits
tow bar accessories

Trailer to high/low – not a problem!

Need a different type of towing attachment – easy to solve.

Need to know your ball weight – we’ve got the answer!

  • Towbar Tongues
  • Adjustable towbar tongues
  • Weight Distribution Systems
  • Adaptor tongues
  • Pintle Hook Solutions
  • Treg Hitch and other couplings
  • 48mm, 50mm, & 70mm towballs
  •  We’ve got the towing solution to suit you – come and visit us for all your towbar accessories!

For more information about towing accessories, go to our "Towbars" page and read more about what we can offer you!

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