leaf springs

Trailer Springs are an important component of a caravan/trailer/float and replacing them shouldn't be the mammoth task that it looks like. Leaf springs are connected to the caravan via brackets welded to the chassis called “hangers”.


The basic aim of any suspension design is:

  • to absorb the impact of the bump, and minimise force transferred to the caravan/trailer/float body itself;
  • to effectively dampen the springs natural frequency, so that the natural motion of the spring is not transferred to caravan/trailer/float body during rebound;
  • minimise unsprung mass, or the mass of the components not supported by the springs (e.g. axles, suspension arms, wheels, tyres, bearings…etc.).

Choosing replacement leaf springs isn't too difficult. As you can see by our diagram, they are easy to identify their differences. There are double eye, slipper, parabolic leaf springs. The number of "leafs" are easy to count. Other items that you will usually require will be front and rear hangers; shackle links, bolts and usually a "U" bolt or more! We have a warehouse full of bits and pieces to explore so that you can repair or build your trailer. "If we don't have it, we can find it for you!"

trailer fish plates

trailer u-boltsThere are also spring kits to suit tandem trailers. Some have double eye type springs and others willbe a rocker roller kit. Some trailers have their springs underslung, while others are overslung. With a team of experts and a great supply team, we can help you repair or build your trailer to your specs and get it on the road.

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