Jockey wheels are used on the front of trailers, boats, floats & caravans to hold up the front when not attached to your vehicle. Without this support, your trailer would not remain 'level'.

jockey wheelsThey can be attached in several different ways. We have seen them welded to the a-frame of the trailer. We, West Coast Trailer Parts & Accessories, generally bolt them onto the trailer using the clamp that they come with. These come in two different types: bolt on fixed clamps and bolt on swivel clamps. You can either clamp them on thru the trailer a-frame, or using a bracket to clamp around the trailers a-frame.

As jockey wheels are also usually the first thing to get damaged on your trailers, boats, floats & caravans, we generally recommend using the clamp and bolt method to attach for ease of replacement.

trailer jockey wheelsWest Coast Trailer Parts has a huge range available from Ark Products and Manutec Manufacturing Technology in stock for those times when you forget to lift up your wheel. Or, when you simply just need to replace your old worn out one. You can also find spare wheels, handles and clamps for your jockey wheel.

We also have a range of adjustable stands and legs to keep you sturdy. Various heights to suit various uses and can easily lock into position. We also have access to a range of assisted jockey wheels and electric jockey wheels.

Don't wait until you wreck your old jockey wheel. Drop in and see our huge range in stock! We also keep a range of wheels, clamps and handles in stock as well. Ask us about finding the right one to suit your trailer, float, boat or caravan. We even have a range to suit heavy duty and off road applications.

Check out this video on our Ark range of Jockey Wheels 馃槉 !


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