Trailer bearingsYour trailer hubs play a crucial role since they secure the wheels to the axle. At West Coast Trailer Parts & Accessories, we stock a range of commonly used trailer hubs and bearings.

Bearings are made up of two parts: the cup, which is pressed into the hub, and the cone, which contains the rollers. ... In the wheel hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer) is called the inner bearing. The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing.

Most caravans and trailers use Holden or Ford bearings, while some large and off-road ones use Parallel bearing sets. The terms Standard bearings or Holden bearings are the same thing. The terms Slimline bearings and Ford bearings are also interchangeable. The simple way to identify your bearings is from the code printed on the bearing itself. We usually have ample supply of Holden & Ford bearings on the shelf for you to pop in and pick up. We also sell bearings for marine use. To replace your bearings, it's usually helpful if you know some details about what you actually have. Most bearings have a number stamped on them to help you identify what they are.

We have a range of hubs available in stock. Hubs, like bearings, also come in various options. Non-braked, drum, disc, to name just a few. Then you also have the option of hubs that suit either Holden, Ford or Land cruiser bearings. Hubs also have 4, 5 or 6 studs. Again, it's important to know some details about what you actually have so we can help you replace it with the right item!

Trailer Hubs

We are growing our range of hubs and bearings to help you to walk in and find what you need!


Click HERE to learn "How to replace trailer Hub and Bearings"!

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