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Trailer Lights or "Trailer Lighting" is such a little thing but a vital component of your towing requirements. For your safety and the safety of those travelling around you, everyone needs to know where you are going. At West Coast Trailer Parts and Accessories, we are always expanding our range: LED, square, rectangle. Drop by and let us find what you need! We have a complete range of lights to suit your

 trailer: LED, submersible. We also have light boards. If required, we can re-wire your whole trailer with completely new wiring and lights to give you peace of mind and a safe trip for you, your family and others travelling on our roads.

trailer led lightsThe Ark LED range of lights are ADR compliant, come with an inbuilt reflector and are fully sealed. Weatherproof for 100,000 hours of use, they come prewired and with screws for easy attachment and have a polycarbonate lens. 100% submersible to allow for marine use as well.

Our Ark range of LED slimline markers are fully sealed. They are also good for 100,000 hours of operation. Fully ADR compliant/approved as well.

Don't have any tools? No worries. We have the Ezi-Connect trailer harness kit. Your complete trailer wiring solution. 100% Tool-less and fully waterproof; 100% Quick connect. We have a kit to suit trailers from your 6 x 4 up to your 12 foot trailer. Come and have a chat to find what you need.

For premium safety, we also have our Glow-Trac range of LED lights. Significantly increases safety during night driving. High quality, heavy duty construction for outstanding durability. If you want better than average, ask us about Glow-Trac!

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