NEW ElecBrake Bluetooth Brake Controller (EB2)


EB2 has all the great features people know and love from our original brake controller plus many other great improvements:

  • Integrated Deutsch Plug
    The integrated Deutsch allows EB2 to be mounted in tighter spaces
  • Certified IP67
    EB2 is rugged. The unit is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof.
  • Tap + Tow
    Use the tap technology (NFC) to download the app and connect the unit.
  • Intelligent Safeguards
    EB2 is built to last. With the intelligence to regulate itself with thermal protection and short circuit protection.
  • Smart Brake Sensor 
    EB2 will measure the power applied to the brakes and feed this information back to the user’s app. It can be used for intelligent diagnosis.
  • Over the Air Updates
    EB2 will have improved firmware update capabilities allowing feature updates, accessible through the Elecbrakes App via the user’s phone.
  • Improved Multiple Device Management 
    EB2 allows the user to have better management of their device.
  • All current adapters and remotes are fully compatible with the new model.
  • Elecbrakes now compatible with Apple CarPlay with Android Auto coming soon!





Availability: 2 in stock

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