DO35 Coupling V3Plus (no handbrake)


The Adventure Continues with the DO35 coupling V3Plus, taking you further than other couplings! The DO35 V3Plus’ head, which is able to rotate horizontally and vertically giving your setup flexibility when travelling over corrugations and undulations throughout Australia.

  • Brand: Cruisemaster™
  • fully ADR 62/02 compliant including automatic secondary lock
  • 3.5 Tonne
  • 360 degrees axial, minimum 70 degrees other axes. (high articulation for improved handling off-road and on unmaintained roads)
  • greaseable bushes for easy maintenance and noise free towing
  • suitable for use with most Weight Distribution System’s
  • improved towing safety
  • standard Aus bolt pattern for easy fitment
  • combination of zn-ni and e-coat for superior corrosion protection*
  • kit includes; DO35 V3Plus, tow pin 7/8″ shaft, tow pin cover, universal c-spanner, fitment bolts & user guide

V3Plus Exclusive Features include;

    • Patented “Checklock” Gen.2 Dust Cap & Bumper for an easy, secure seal
    • Improved Bumper molding gives the from reflector strip improved staying power
    • Rear support webbing allows for mounting upside down on the underside of the drawbar

*Please note while the DO35’s Zn-Ni with E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection it may fade with extended exposure to UV. This does not affect the operation of the DO35. To best maintain the finish of the product, we recommend covering the DO35 coupling when not in use if stored outside and exposed to direct UV.

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